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Brian Carpio other wise known as TheTek is an Internet Entrepreneur, Linux Consultant, VoIP Specialists, and Solaris Expert. With years of experience in the IT industry he has worked for and designed solutions for some of the largest companies in the U.S

Brian Carpio Early Years

Brian was first exposed to computers at an early age when his parents purchased a 386SX11 w/ 2MB of RAM! Brian Carpio spent day and night reading about everything from Linux to web design. He was first introduced to Internet Security when he stumbled upon the Happy Hacker website. He read about these people called Hackers day and night.

One of the first suggestions made by the Happy Hacker website was to learn Linux, so at the early age of 15, Brian Carpio downloaded and installed his first Linux Distro, RedHat.

Brian Carpio Professional Experience

Soon Brian Carpio was working for IBM and quickly advancing in his career designing solutions for AT&T, Oracle, DirectTV, DishNetwork and even Ebay.

Finally, Brian Carpio took over as head of security for CSG Systems, Inc where his "corporate career" ended and he decided to begin his Entrepreneur career with The Tek, LLC.

The Tek, LLC is a highly sucessful IT consulting company that specializes in helping small and mid sized businesses implement elite solutions that previously only major fortune 500 companies could afford.

If you want to read more about him, visit Brian Carpio featured on Linkedin or visit Brian Carpio as featured on and read real customer reviews.

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