The Tek Services

The Tek, LLC is owned and operated by Brian Carpio a leader in IT and VoIP consulting. The Tek, LLC offers a wide range of services including the following:

VoIP Autodialer

The Tek has worked with voip for years now and can design a VoIP autodialer for you and your business. What is a VoIP autodialer you may be asking? A VoIP autodialer is also known as Voice Broadcasting. Our autodialers can automatically call thousands of numbers from a phone list / database, leave messages to live people or answering machines, get touchtone or recorded responses, and can do a call transfer to an operator. Our single line phone dialers can use ACT, Goldmine, or any phone number database. It will let the operator increase efficiency dramatically without having to dial the phone numbers manually. The single line Speedy Dialer can also leave messages for upcoming appointments, emergency notification, or for telemarketing.

Unlike traditional autodialers by utilizing VoIP we can leverage the latest in Voice Over IP technology to deliver your message at a fraction of the cost over traditional methods. Make sure you visit our site at to learn more.

Linux Consulting

The Tek, LLC specializes in Linux consulting, with over 10 years of professional documented experience, Brian Carpio, can design a solution for your company large or small. The Tek, LLC is a RedHat business partner and is dedicated to bring you the best that the Linux and open-source world has to offer.

Many companies think they are locked into the high priced solutions offered by Microsoft because they just don't know that alternatives exist. By teaming up with The Tek we can show you and your business how you can save thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars by implementing a Linux solution instead of a Microsoft Solutions.

Linux offers replacements for everything from Exchange Server to Sharepoint Services, most of these solutions are free or sold commercially at a fraction of the cost that Microsoft charges for the same solutions.

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